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A court in January acquitted 26 men accused of acts of debauchery in a public bathhouse after a television show said it was a gay meeting place.
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Debauchery is not measured by the craziness of the performers, but by the craziness of the crowd.
London, Apr 3 ( ANI ): The annual American spring break, long infamous for its debauchery across the Pond, is increasingly popular with holidaying Brits looking for a wild time.
The Gonz, Andy Roy, Andre Nickatina, Jason Dill, guns, girls in the shower, girls on TV, girls on girls, dogs driving cars, palm trees, Olde E, starry starry nights and after-dark debauchery flesh out a thick package of goodness .
PARADISE PARADOX I don't know but I've heard tell Heaven is much better than Hell It's been a diabolical life on earth Sex and drugs, rock and roll and mirth All that debauchery I was amid I never enjoyed it, but I thought I did I hope they don't charge Railtrack fares When I take my final journey upstairs If, of course, the tickets are too dear I could be persuaded to stay right here I must go to my Eden, then never leave it The only problem is, I can't Adam and Eve it.
He said that Mahdi's nude pictures have shocked the entire Egyptian society which attributed the young woman's behavior to "fornication, debauchery or frivolity, as well as to the culture and environment to which Mahdi, who is hardly 20 years old, belongs.
Public display of one's sexual orientation is debauchery, as officially proclaimed by Bulgarian prosecutor Stefan Yanev working in Pazardzhik.
The anything-goes atmosphere of the "world's greatest party" is subject to the city mayor's year-old crackdown on debauchery.
9pm) Rossetti and Lizzie revel in Ruskin's patronage, enjoying parties and debauchery.
Police in Bahrain rounded up 300 prostitutes and pimps in Manama last week as Bahraini religious authorities called for a crackdown campaign on debauchery after the capital made the cut as the eighth most sinful--and the only Arab--city in the world according to Askmen.
If such conversations were encouraged by the church and others, perhaps college students would not seek parties that glorify such shocking debauchery but would seek mature, life-giving relationships like their parents'.