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But merely throwing around therapeutic scare words isn't enough to debunk.
But he also sought to write a book based partly on his own memories of Disney, in part to debunk recent biographies alleging the empire-builder's ``dark side.
If I had claimed I took a picture of giant green rabbits on Neptune, would anyone have bothered to debunk me?
At the national meeting of the American Anthropological Association, McFarland and others sought to debunk a long-standing theory in science that women became fatter to attract men.
Chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 debunk several pseudoscience hoaxes, such as UFOs, the time travel of information (that is, supernatural or psychic prophecy), and the anthropological scam that was a big success for Carlos Castaneda.
He does not attempt to explain racial differences, or to debunk the concept of race, he says, because it has been thoroughly debunked many times to no avail.
HOWARD DISCUSSES the evolution of a variety of social programs and tax benefits in the United States to debunk any notion that the United States lacks programs for dealing with social problems.
The increasing popularity of outsourcing has failed to debunk misconceived fears among IT managers on the security risks surrounding switching from in-house systems.
Tim Cavanaugh, writing in the libertarian magazine Reason, recently set out to debunk the argument that a military draft was needed so that "it wasn't just the poor kids going to war.
CRU-DataPort's new SATA enclosures debunk the myth that rugged reliability necessarily means a complicated installation," said Jon Johnson, executive director of marketing for CRU-DataPort.
Q: You debunk the notion of Indians as too spiritual to deal with property.