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The second myth debunked in the report was that the presence of a hymen is an indicator that a female is a virgin, and it is broken she has intercourse.
Dementia Debunked," conducted between November 1999 and December 2004, used exhaustive qualitative and quantitative research involving hundreds of hours of interviews with the caregivers of dementia sufferers to identify misperceptions about the disease in Japan.
He has come to Veronica, who mentioned the Eye of Artemis in that debunked paper, because he now believes in the Midas touch.
Gene Mc Crimmon (September Letters to the Editor) relies on debunked propaganda, repeated endlessly, that the U.
Common myths about vegetarianism, including "vegetarians don't get enough protein" and "you have to drink milk to get calcium," are debunked.
Wilson, who debunked the administration's claim that Iraq had tried to acquire uranium from Nigeria.
This story of the nonexistent ace has been pretty well debunked by the North Vietnamese themselves.
A California State University, Bakersfield professor has debunked the myth that the academic performance of students in online courses may pale in comparison to students who benefit from the face-to-face interaction of a classroom.
The unexplained residue of cases that haven't been debunked strongly suggests the reality of the paranormal.
But the way the Belgian artist presents each work as a patch of evidence to be stitched into a fragmentary but incriminating narrative and treats photography as secondary to the already debunked illusionism of painting shows that he's finding his own way, not only as a painter but as a chronicler of his nation's troubled history.
military in a 1996 TWA airplane crash, its claims have been thoroughly debunked.