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The lesson here is this: once the debunker admits that the influence of possibly distorting doxastic causes is less than complete, the door is open for the realist to argue that there is room for corrective efforts that enable us to appreciate the distortions for what they are, and to lead us to the path of wisdom.
Beyond the manifestations themselves, I explore the gendered interactions among late 19th and early 20th century psychical researchers who claimed to know, the stage magicians and debunkers like Harry Houdini, who claimed to know better, and the mediums themselves who knew best what was happening in the medium's cabinet.
After a short break Liverpool-born Liz Carr - the Wheels of the forthcoming Red Eyes Flippers and Wheels presentation at the Unity Theatre - was a wry, wheelchair-bound, debunker of all cliches of the disabled while rounding off was Formby's Brendan Riley, who launched into his customary whirlwind of incisive real-life observation that is both infectious and exhilarating.
When we meet her, Katherine has become the foremost debunker of religious phenomena such as weeping statues.
She is an adamant believer in evolution and a debunker of myths and theories like "intelligent design," and she tells her truth in a documented and clear way that will inspire in many students a new interest in science.
Our heroine is Katherine Winter (played by Hilary Swank), a professional miracle debunker who shelved her belief in God's grace and mercy after her missionary stay in the Sudan (shown continuously in creepy flashbacks) resulted in the death of her husband and daughter.
He is not a debunker looking to expose Russian "spoonbenders.
Even Bjorn Lomborg--a statistician who made a name for himself as a debunker of environmental alarmism--places the death toll in the United States at a staggering 135,000 premature deaths per year.
Dad, popular cable show host, is a passionate paranormal debunker, bent on proving logic always wins.
But Binns, a self-professed romantic when it comes to thoroughbreds and an enthusiastic debunker of cherished notions, does have his own immediate dreams for the project.
The Master Debunker may well have been Adam Smith (although votes would also be cast for John Maynard Keynes and others).