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Debunkers do not seek to reveal the unreliability of evolutionary origins by showing that they have generated moral beliefs we know to be false.
But the debunkers are wrong, both about the states' rights argument and in claiming that Cuomo and Obama cannot be compared.
Beyond the manifestations themselves, I explore the gendered interactions among late 19th and early 20th century psychical researchers who claimed to know, the stage magicians and debunkers like Harry Houdini, who claimed to know better, and the mediums themselves who knew best what was happening in the medium's cabinet.
Western debunkers claim fraud or hypnotic effect; the existence of energy known to the Chinese (qi) for 4000 years and to the Japanese (ki) for at least 1500 years doesn't fit their paradigm.
Some debunkers question whether a paper on precognition should be published in a major scientific journal at all.
99), a fair and balanced study which seeks to rescue Miss Nightingale from both her worshippers and her debunkers.
The shroud's age had created much uproar in 1988 when Oxford, Zurich and Arizona laboratories had dated it to being from sometime between 1260 and 1390 and now the Italian debunkers have even questioned its authenticity.
In doing so, it helped establish the Internet as a heckler's medium, a venue for debunkers, fact checkers, skeptics, cynics, parodists.
Despite the common view that both are debunkers of rational methodology, their considered positions involve sophisticated appeals to method.
Despite debunkers of the notion of "living water", in some cases probably justified given the amount of so-called healing waters being sold out there for exorbitant prices, science has apparently not given up.
In this historic transition, Yerby modified his protest aim and artistic consciousness, becoming one of America's most avid debunkers of history and myth.
This 'missionary' stance, widespread among the modern debunkers, might be understood, even forgiven, inasmuch as some of the conceptions it targets are worrying indeed; in any case, they all require an answer on the part of the academic community, whose duty is to explain to the general public the difference between scholarly knowledge and theories that cannot obtain scientific approval.