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Bandai America's Spring 2007 lineup debuted in January at retail, while the Fall collection launches in July.
has enjoyed a decade of hits in the United States, selling 74 million albums since it debuted in 1998, and is widely regarded as the being "most successful brand in music.
The new Quentin Tarantino film ``Jackie Brown'' debuted at No.
Debmar-Mercury owns the distribution rights to the country's fastest growing off-net sitcom, "South Park," an extensive movie library featuring titles from Revolution Studios, and Tyler Perry's first-run syndicated sitcom, "House of Payne," which debuted in select markets in Summer 2006.
The title track and first single from the album "On My Way Here" debuted at #1 on the AOL streaming chart week of release, rocketed to #1 on the Amazon chart the week it was made available as a pre-release, and debuted at #1 on the Amazon download chart the day it was released.
John Grisham's latest novel-turned-movie ``A Time to Kill'' debuted in first place this weekend with $14.
Her follow-up, Chapter II, debuted at the top spot as well and quickly went platinum within a month of its release.