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Another new holiday recipe is the Cherry Decadence Truffles, which combines the rich taste of Nonni's Decadence Biscotti and the sweetness of dried cherries; perfect for parties, weddings, baby showers or even company events.
Brought up in Fort Dodge, Iowa, the 36-year-old gay director describes the disco era as an age of "blissful ignorance, naive decadence," which is precisely what attracted him to the subject.
Nonni's Biscotti offers a full line of flavors including: Originali, Cioccolati, Paradiso and Decadence.
The scene really epitomizes the decadence and free-spirited nature of Berlin just before the war," explains Gerry Rich, MGM's president of worldwide marketing.
With the top down and the music up, they drive to a remote cabin to enjoy their last days of decadence before entering the working world.
Hart and Westlake, though public schools they might be, seem to take pride in taking high school decadence to a higher level.
Despite the arrangements' hectic clatter, the sound is thin, and the decadence redundant.
It's a season of sequels in Hollywood, with new chapters unveiled almost weekly in Tinseltown's latest tawdry tale of decadence, corruption and greed: the Entertainment Industry Development Corp.
His film, "Topaz/Tokyo Decadence," is one of the best selling foreign language videos sold in the United States.
The award for best taste went to Jillian's Hi Life Lanes for Oreo Decadence, a dark chocolate frozen treat.
Director Chuck Russell (``The Mask'') stages the endless action adequately enough against backdrops of DeMillean oriental decadence, and occasionally rises above the workmanlike approach to a level of truly gripping presentation.
com provides several Valentine's Day recipes that the whole family can make, including Heartfelt Pancakes, Raspberry Tarts, Chocolate Decadence, and Hugs and Kisses Cookies.