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Serve with glasses of Champagne for a decadently delicious dessert.
In fact, I got him so excited about it that he could barely eat the gorgeous lamb and roasties I had cooked in anticipation of finally having something decadently sweet.
Today, consumers will find numerous spins on the original recipe - as well as packaged retail offerings that run the gamut from nearly inedible to decadently delicious.
com) offers a traditional Wisconsin fish boil--a tasty cauldron of whitefish, potatoes, and onions--plus a full buffet and decadently rich bakery goods.
It is a country known for its jewel-toned saris, crammed buses and decadently spiced foods.
Another series inspired by the golden age of Egyptian cinema in the 1940s and '50s, created decadently pastiche, highly staged portraits of glamorous women, using a luminous gelatine-silver print process, which he then tints.
Give your steak a gourmet makeover by smearing on some of this decadently delicious truffle butter from CARLUCCIOS, Dhs40.
As that lazy, decadently rich dinner was drawing to a close, and lighting up a Marlboro, I left my host from the ISI with a question: "Despite 26/11, India has moved on.
A decadently rich and creamy 32% cacao milk chocolate is combined with peaks of gently toasted, sweet coconut flakes to create a truly delightful treat.
Paired with Catherine Connors' statement in "Politics and spectacles" that "nostalgically chaste or decadently contemporary, all the ancient novels are Roman" [p.
I must say this new, decadently alternative approach by the health and beauty spa at Lanzarote's NH Hesperia hotel is a winner.
Their eyes were huge when they were presented with plates covered in a lattice-work of chocolate sauce with spoonfuls of chocolate ice cream and whipped cream supporting a mini-loaf of decadently rich brownie dusted in chopped nuts.