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Lowe, despite the unhappiness surrounding Hoddle's decampment to Spurs three years ago, remained his foremost backer.
The ballet begins in Egypt with Cleopatra luxuriating in her bath, and swiftly moves on to her quick-witted evasion of an assassination attempt by her brother to her triumphant seduction of Caesar and decampment to Rome.
ICBA Executive Vice President Kenneth Guenther stated that "Citibank's decampment from Visa should have proven beyond all doubt that competition clearly exists between the two card associations.
She is characterized by an indefatigable quest, a tireless decampment, even as she never arrives at a longed for place, never receives the wished-for item, never remains in a yearned for relationship.
In considering Alex Katz's exhibition at Gavin Brown's enterprise, one might almost be forgiven for ignoring the paintings actually on view; it's hard to concentrate on the work, strong as it is, amid the chatter about its new location and the details of the artist's decampment from Pace.
Grounds as diverse as the Royal Grammar School's Flagge Meadow, Edgbaston, Derby and even Taunton staged one-day matches but the decampment to Kidderminster stuck most in the mind.
PETER CHAPPLE-HYAM is set to have his final runners from Manton on Tuesday- and the exodus from the yard continues this weekend ahead of his decampment to Hong Kong.
This week has been played out against the backdrop of an unsettled future in the boardroom, before the club's planned summer decampment to the edge of the city.