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An amicus brief submitted by the BBA urged the SJC to seize this opportunity to hold that trustees inherently possess the authority to decant.
If he has met both conditions and then the trustee decants to a new trust that replaces his withdrawal right with a limited power of appointment exercisable in favor of his descendants, Sec.
Always decant over a light source, too, so as to visually ensure that no sediment is introduced to the now clean wine.
Decant this into a spray bottle, like those used to water houseplants, and shake well before each use.
There is a strong sense of disquiet in the recognition that such perfection also holds a sense of loss, because in a world overwhelmed by aggression of every kind, it is difficult to decant the gold of existence, as Merz's figures courageously indicate.
Further costs were also incurred by the end users, who had to decant the packs onto either plastic or stainless steel pallets for use within food production areas.
I leave the tincture, labeled and dated, in a dark cupboard for six to eight weeks, after which time I strain and decant into dark glass bottles with plastic tops for storage.
The company further claims that the proprietary design, which features bundles of specialized polypropylene tubes, is more effective than decant, disc or belt-type oil skimmers.
operation and management, spillway construction, decant decommissioning, dam regarding and final landscaping and revegetation.
As each section reaches the completion of its 21-day anode cycle, the electrolyte, containing around 300 ppm of anode slimes, is progressively decanted from the cells to separate decant boxes in each circuit via discharge outlets set 200 mm from the floor of the cells.
He said: ``The health authority, the trust, the consultants, ourselves and our advisors will be sitting down over the next two weeks, so by the time the health authority makes a decision we'll know how you would make a decant work on that site - and we have no doubts it can work.
Also it negates the need to decant (a bit more on that later) and will be in good nick for a few weeks after opening.