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Chinese TNT Svc, decanted TNT Unsvc, TNT/ 15% Al and TNT/ 26% Al were used for brief investigation through Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Thermogravimetric/ Differential Thermal Analysis (TG/DTA) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) techniques.
In planning for disasters in the UK's West Gloucester region, provisions were made for patients to be decanted to smaller hospitals so as to free beds in the larger hospitals.
With each announcement, Decanted will also give away a bottle of wine from each winery to guests already entered in the contest.
For safety reasons, in case of treatment efficiency problem on settling workshop, a pumping station to 100 000 m3 / d of water decanted to the roughing will be set up.
As state statutes proliferate, more trusts will be decanted, and cases testing the actions of trustees will be litigated by beneficiaries and taxing authorities.
They throw a hefty deposit of gunge, so need to be decanted (a clean bottle will do) and should be enjoyed within a few days of opening - not too great a hardship
The decanted product is pushed linearly without the risk of agitation or sheer, so the quality is not compromised.
The juice is decanted into a glass jug, which is filled as close as possible to the top.
ancillary marketsthe new settler must allow direct passage to the pre-filters 200 000 m3 / d of water decanted whatever the quality of the Marne.
Water quality management is a primary concern at this mine and the Company now has the foundations of a sound water management system that is backed up by three treatment facilities namely, the primary underground sumps, the new polishing pond and the site catchment pond, prior to water being decanted and released into the environment.
Once decanted, the glass body displays the wine's color to fullest advantage, and the exclusive RoJaus nozzle dispenses wine into a glass with a single touch, allowing guests to serve themselves.