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Importantly, the decanting process takes place outside of the judicial process that is required for reformation of trusts--providing the client with a level of privacy that cannot otherwise be obtained through the judicial process.
Decanting is appropriate where the trustee has discretionary authority and wishes to "pour" funds from one trust to another trust with terms more favorable for current needs.
Of the twenty-plus states that have followed New York's lead in enacting decanting statutes, fourteen have done so within the past five years.
The IRS is studying the tax implications of trust decanting and asked for comments in Notice 2011-101, but it has not yet issued guidance.
Estate planning advisers have spent considerable time elevating decanting from a potential strategy for clients seeking to fix a broken trust to a routine solution for trusts that have grown problematic due to changed circumstances.
The government should cancel the licences of LPG marketing companies involved in decanting of LPG or cross filling of other LPG marketing companies cylinder as per LPG policy, Mohammad Irfan Khokhar, Chairman All Pakistan LPG Distribution Association stated while talking to Business Recorder.
A result which no other decanting pourer on the market can match.
When decanting these fine powders, clouds of dust of a respirable size can form.
Western States also has decanting centrifuges for fine solids and liquid-liquid separations.
At the Orange Base Hospital, during the planning of constructing a new hospital, the responsibilities of the Project Company regarding decanting of patients were clearly written from the start of the project.
Careful decanting will give you a good-looking and clean-tasting wine with none of those slightly sandy bits that can seS t your teeth on edge.
Use signage at the display to explain the whys and hows of decanting wine.