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The centre of the tooth, including the nerve and blood vessel tissue (pulp), is removed along with decayed portions of the tooth.
Of the 10% affected by tooth decay on Merseyside and Cheshire, on average those children had three decayed teeth due to disease, but 90% had no decay at all.
Those affected have an average of three teeth each decayed, missing or filled, health officials say.
Here scientists found a particle named Bs meson, which decayed into two muons for the first time.
Dr Anne Maguire, from the School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle University said: "At the moment only a small proportion of children in the UK receive fillings for decay in their baby teeth - or primary teeth - but what we are seeing is that having decayed teeth removed under general anaesthetic is one of the most common reasons for children to be treated in hospital in the UK.
A US Task Force report in 2002 found average tooth decay reductions between 30% and 50% among children aged 4 to 17, whilst a review published in 2007 showed that adults with lifelong residence in fluoridated areas have between 27% and 35% fewer teeth decayed than those who have always lived in non-fluoridated areas.
14]C has decayed to an undetectably minute fraction of its original value (less than 6 millionths).
Dentists are reporting kids as young as five in the deprived South Wales Valleys with badly decayed teeth as a result of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks.
The particles decayed quickly, and by carefully measuring the energies of decay products, the scientists calculated the phi mesons' masses.
If they are severely decayed, need to be pulled or fall out too soon, the permanent teeth can come in crooked and crowded, condemning the child to years of orthodontia or a lifetime of twisted teeth.
Remove all pennies that land tail-side up--representing decayed atoms--and place them in a pile away from your work surface.