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In the general intellectual decay they still preserved their pristine clearness and strength of understanding.
Here is reality emerging from the unreal, spring renewing, love and beauty triumphant over death and decay.
The conditions fostering the growth of that supreme, alive excellence, as well in work as in play, ought to be preserved with a most careful regard lest the industry or the game should perish of an insidious and inward decay.
The wagon rolled up a weedy gravel walk, under a noble avenue of China trees, whose graceful forms and ever-springing foliage seemed to be the only things there that neglect could not daunt or alter,--like noble spirits, so deeply rooted in goodness, as to flourish and grow stronger amid discouragement and decay.
I even tried a Carlyle-like scorn of this wretched aristocracy in decay.
Besides, I was really shocked by a decay of principle which proceeded but too plainly from decay of the mental powers.
As clearly as in the light of past events, he saw the defection of the favored unions, the rise and the slow decay of the labor castes, and the struggle between the decaying oligarchs and labor castes for control of the great governmental machine.
Normally, when the atom of a radioactive particle decays, a neutron breaks down into a proton, an electron, and an antineutrino (or a neutrino).
If these particles exist, they will appear as virtual particles in quantum loops, where they can affect the rate and angular distributions of particle decays.
Neutron decays are detected in real time using the scintillation light produced in the helium by the beta-decay electrons.
A beryllium-7 nucleus decays into a lithium-7 atom by absorbing an electron, which converts a proton into a neutron.
A radioactive element is an element with an unstable nucleus that decays over time.