deceitful practice

See: fraud
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This is a deceitful practice that many real yak breeders, like ourselves, have railed against for years.
But there is a subtle and deceitful practice that threatens the very survival of many small businesses in this area that needs to be covered.
Sadly though, until the rich and famous start putting principles before bank balances, this deceitful practice will continue, leaving women looking into the mirror, desperately wondering why they don't look like something that isn't even real.
He called on Dole to apologize and "not to engage in that kind of deceitful practice anymore.
Varying state laws and a deceitful practice called 'title washing' allows salvaged cars to be sold without any documentation they were once totaled," said Ted Gramer, Liberty Mutual executive vice president, Personal Claims.
I think what they should do is pledge, apologize first of all, and pledge not to engage in that kind of deceitful practice anymore," Forbes told a news conference in West Des Moines.
The state of Ohio needs to stay on the forefront to protect its citizens from this deceitful practice.
Asad Shamim is making a stance to protect customers from online stores' deceitful practices, such as displaying links to obsolete products on shopping feeds.
He advised the airport staff to be honest and refrain from deceitful practices.
Disgraceful, deceitful practices are rife among the banking sector.
I dearly hope that the troika's investigations will have uncovered the deceitful practices of the developers, their 'puppet' lawyers and the banks.