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Dr Behbudi: *Here again Khamenei is deceitfully acting as a genuine political player to distance himself from the behind the scene deals his regime is making with world powers, using the Russians as mediators.
They deceitfully created false paperwork showing the goods had been sold in the UK through their string of companies, adding VAT on each transaction.
I think it would have been more appropriate if you directed this kind of accusation towards the people who took her money deceitfully, not respecting her age and her status.
Parsons argued that Cameron's recent trip to the region was deceitfully hyped as essential against the so-called "global war on terror".
Additional sessions judge Yogesh Khanna concluded that there were facts prima facie to suggest that the accused, along with another juvenile associate, conspired to deceitfully induce the girl and her male friend to board the vehicle believing it to be a chartered bus for raping the victim and committing other offences.
While the effects of propagating false claims in the lead-up to elections isn't clear, scientists worry about the potential for the social platforms to be used deceitfully to influence behavior at the voting booth.
In all, over a period spanning 14 months, she deceitfully obtained PS6,000 in a combination of housing benefit, job seekers allowance and council tax as well as PS1,000 from Mr Anthani.
A miserable day trying to find parking spaces for already anxious patients - as spaces are occupied deceitfully by hospital staff.
If David Dewhurst wants to deceitfully lump us in with leftist organizations that actually do promote amnesty, then all he is accomplishing is demonstrating to Texas voters how intellectually shallow he is," Perez said.
When contracts are set aside for small businesses in order to foster job creation, competition, innovation and a healthy industrial base, the government has a vested interest in ensuring that the small business performs a significant portion of the work, otherwise, the small business could deceitfully pass through the work to a large contractor.
We somehow trusted the deceitfully assuring words of politicians on television.
He is answered: He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not taken a false oath by nafsho [literally "his soul"] or sworn deceitfully (Ps.