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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- A woman who deceives people by pretending as an epilepsy patient was caught on camera by Cihan news agency.
If the tiger deceives its prey with its striped coat, then this is passive deception, since it did not choose its coat.
Sharma plays one of three ladies the charming Singh deceives -- or believes he is deceiving -- in Maneesh Sharma's Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.
A MIND OF ITS OWN: HOW YOUR BRAIN DISTORTS AND DECEIVES explores the mind's deceptions, methods, defenses and processes--and provides a special focus on how the brain tends towards self-delusion.
The Musharraf regime has deceived the United States and the world about its willingness to engage in rapprochement with New Delhi, just as it deceives Washington about how aggressively it is stamping out the Islamic extremists, Haqqani writes.
He lies, distorts and deceives, but he can't avoid the reality that his illegal actions have made Britain more of a terrorist target.