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Interest received by social insurance funds is likely to change little; dividends received is likely to decelerate.
They discovered that introducing additives to the polymer can either accelerate or decelerate degradation and burning.
Economic growth is expected to accelerate slightly in Europe and decelerate slightly in Asia.
Once the ejection seat has cleared the aircraft's fuselage, pyrotechnic charges are electrically initiated by the Recovery Sequencer, which activates a drogue parachute (used to decelerate high speed ejections), stabilization rocket, divergence thruster, drogue parachute release, parachute deployment, and seat/aircrew separation events to effect a safe aircrew member recovery.
After growing at over 4% in 2004, the Mexican economy is expected to decelerate to 3-3.
And, while one month does not make a trend, we are expecting the rate of growth in truck tonnage to decelerate compared to 2004.
We believe professional replacement activity peaked in 2004 and will decelerate sharply over 2005.
When combined with steel, the aluminum basically acts as an additional buffer to decelerate projectiles.
But with profit growth likely to decelerate in 2005 -- and high-quality stocks available at reasonable valuations -- now is not the time to gamble on speculations.