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Mazda says it examined automobile acceleration and deceleration mechanisms, and developed a highly efficient regenerative braking system that rapidly recovers a large amount of electricity every time the vehicle decelerates.
Consumption expenditures are likely to decelerate slightly in 1996; the deceleration is likely to be widespread among the components of consumption expenditures.
9 (percent) is reasonable because that would imply that the economy will further decelerate," he told mediapersons here.
Transfer' payments are likely to decelerate in 1995.
Growth will decelerate from its strong 1992-1997 pace, particularly at the original equipment manufacturer (OME) level.
Property tax accruals are likely to decelerate again, reflecting decreases due to tax legislation; excluding the effects of tax law changes, property tax accruals are likely to increase about as much as in 1993.
Mendis of the University of California, San Diego and his collaborators, high-speed electrons in the interplanetary magnetic field collide with atoms from the comet, causing the electrons to decelerate and emit X rays.
a[bar] and YoY rates also decelerate in all sub-sectors.
To explain the peculiar pattern in which energy was deposited at the Tunguska site, many investigators have favored the explosion of a comet with such a low density that it would rapidly decelerate and come to a stop in the atmosphere.