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They use an electric motor or alternator to generate electricity as the vehicle decelerates, thereby recovering a portion of the vehicle's kinetic energy.
Mazda examined automobile accelerating and decelerating mechanisms, and developed a highly efficient regenerative braking system that rapidly recovers a large amount of electricity every time the vehicle decelerates.
An airdrop with a 10,000-pound load was tested successfully in November at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, using retraction, which decelerates the load as much as 20 feet per second before landing.
When the car decelerates, the wheels drive the MG to activate regenerative braking to charge the battery.
Precise linear electric drives coordinate each pair of pistons so that one piston accelerates while the other decelerates, providing a constant total output.
It decelerates faster than you [could] in your car in a panic stop," he says.
Indeed, this is our base case, that the Fed, during 2007 will eventually start to lower interest rates as growth in the overall economy decelerates.