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3% in the first quarter at a decelerating rate compared to strong growth seen in the fourth quarter of 2013.
So clearly, even though the rate environment may be decelerating and the pace of increases may be decelerating, results for the policy years these companies are continuing to show adversity," he said.
2] of R-1 value in 2006, also decelerating from the 1992-2001 pace.
Investors must balance the rapidly decelerating world economy, a once-in-30-years' opportunity to borrow at low rates relative to hotel yields and the rapid rise and fall of risk tolerance in the asset markets when developing their hotel real estate investment strategies for the coming year.
Viola has captured the seriousness of traditional Western religious painting via the simple tactic of decelerating our most demotic art forms, film and video.
VDC uses a computer which measures speed and steering angle data from all four wheels and works out where the best stability can be found and alters electronic throttle opening to manage engine power and by decelerating one of the wheels to generate a yawing moment equal and opposite to the force that caused the car to become unstable in the first place.
Tight hands (grip pressure) can cause loss of clubhead control, topped shots, shorter swing arc and decelerating clubhead, among other things.
But market participants were still confident that the Federal Reserve would continue to respond, as it had in preceding months, to evidence of a decelerating economy by allowing short-term interest rates to ease a bit further.
The decelerating growth rate, however, is mainly due to a slowdown in import demand from China during the second quarter, according to the International Rubber Study Group.
3% YoY growth in August, with growth decelerating in oil production to 0.
In most other systems that astronomers have observed, X-ray jets shoot out and fade without gradually decelerating, Rupen says.
The copilot then began a descending, decelerating turn onto the final approach to the site at 60 knots.