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Thus, Equation (6) allows the relationship between average deceleration due to impact to be plotted against stopping distance for these three impact velocities.
Table 1 shows the frequency of accelerations and decelerations and their associated growth rates during selected periods.
Japan's Sloth Club, Europe's Society for the Deceleration of Time, and the U.
The deceleration reflected a deceleration in corporate profits.
Some of the deceleration in other consumer durables may have reflected the weakness in home sales because families often purchase new furnishings and appliances when they change houses.
More noteworthy was the deceleration in the index for all items less food and energy.
A monitor records the deceleration rate of the cage and the rate of change of deceleration during the test.
includes a left turn lane, deceleration and acceleration lanes on SR 12, illumination, drainage, a two lane urban roadway between 196th and 198th Ave SW and other related features.
After years of high growth, government managing a controlled deceleration
Bank Al Maghrib signale dans son dernier numero de la [beaucoup moins que]Revue de conjoncture economique, monetaire et financiere[beaucoup plus grand que], une quasi-stagnation du rythme de progression de la masse monetaire et une poursuite de la deceleration de celui du credit bancaire.