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A parachute is an important aerodynamic decelerator and is widely used in aviation, aerospace, weaponry, and other areas.
2 -- Accraply has introduced the new Trine Model 4800 roll-fed labeling system, which incorporates a new outfeed decelerator that delivers superior bottle handling at speeds up to 600 bottles per minute.
For maximum brake life, an auto decelerator system automatically slows the vehicles when the accelerator pedal is released.
She is a member of the Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Technical Committee for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and was Chair of the Rocky Mountain Section of American Society of Engineering Education for the 2005-06 academic year.
The SkyJump at the tower is the worldAAEs highest commercial decelerator descent according to the Guinness World Records Au it is 41m higher than the second highest SkyJump in the world.
As with Westrock's $750,000 purchase on Monday, this filly will join the barn of legendary trainer D Wayne Lukas, who sent out Decelerator to capture the Grade 3 Debutante Stakes at Churchill Downs for the outfit this year.
While your dozer's still on the move, push down the decelerator pedal.
The decelerator A consists in a worm gear and two helical gears.
These kids hardly have uniform problems, but at the Rotenberg Center the "treatment" is largely the same: punishment for deviating from the rules, often via a sci-fi-sounding device called the Graduated Electronic Decelerator, a backpack full of batteries that delivers excruciating shocks to various body parts.
Horn and engine decelerator are located on the pilot-operated joystick controls.
Concerned especially with recent research using the former Low Energy Antiproton Ring, the Antiproton Decelerator, and similar facilities, the papers are grouped into the major topics of fundamental symmetries; quark-gluon phenomena; hadron-antihadron system; atomic physics; facilities and their instrumentation; and applications of antimatter, radiation, and particle detectors.
I put the 'dozer in forward, let up on the decelerator and we lurch forward.