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DECENNARY, Eng. law. A town or tithing, consisting originally of ten families of freeholders. Ten tithings composed a hundred. 1 Bl. Com. 114.

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Finally, we thank all members of the Editorial and Advisory Boards of ISLJ as well as all authors and commentators for their effort in the past Decennium, thus helping forward the development and expansion of the Journal.
The European Commission is now proposing a new postcrisis strategy Europe 2020 (***, 2010a), which under the slogan "Intelligent, sustainable and favourable to inclusion increase" should attract all the member states in putting into practice, in the following decennium, the priorities and objectives as stated in the strategy.
It provides a snapshot of island households at a critical moment--the second decade of the twentieth century, which also marked the second decennium in the imperial transition between Spanish and U.
ubi supra // [12vA] et incipit istud decennium a die primi actus consuetudinis: ex quo devenit in notitiam populivel maioris partis.
To quote Marx, However changing the political aspect of India's past may appear, its social condition has remained unaltered since its remotest antiquity, until the first decennium of the nineteenth century.
These include (for example) John Easton's report on the war, Mary Rowlandson's personal account of her capture by Indian warriors, and Cotton Mather's Decennium Luctuosum.
DE ANTIQVITA-/ TIBUS VRBIS ROMAE/ ab antiquis nouisq[ue]; auctoribus exce=l ptis, & summa breuitate ordil neq\x\e\; dispositis per Lu=/ cium FaunumJ [marca del impresor] Cum priuilegijs Summi Pontificis, & illustrissimil Senatus Veneti ad decennium
However, the last decennium the aether concept is making a come back and is getting more and more advocates, among whom is the Italian professor of physics Selleri [2].