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Ajila-Ladipo advised youths to form the habit of dressing decently and intelligently for them to always earn public recognition.
All women members of parliament are respectable and decently dressed," he said in an interview on private television Al Mehwar.
I swear solemnly to serve honestly the interests of people, Donetsk People's Republic and to perform decently my duties," the new head of state said, Itar-Tass reported from an inauguration ceremony which is under way at Donetsk Music and Drama Theatre on Tuesday.
The bank said, 'We expect the inflation to come down in June, after May, but still we may end the year decently above five per cent.
At the same time political parties, leaders, activists and others should tolerate criticism and have to be rational and polite in their approach and if necessary should reply decently so that a healthy trend of positive debate is promoted in our society," he added.
If there were decently paid full-time jobs for the rest of this 'we are all in it together society' then that percentage would drop.
Ramadi/ NINA /-- Sheikh Sd Fayyad Fri-prayers preacher of Ramadi sit-in square said that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki admitted of militias offense against the people, but instead of punish the militias he target protesters and demonstrators who are demanding to live decently and providing of services and restore their usurped rights.
Those who wait on the housing register and those who still live in the squalid slums of Birmingham should remember that every single municipal house sold effectively reduces their own chance of ever being decently housed.
The best of your emails VVFRISCO and Soll for me Hoping that Frisco Depot turns up for the Hennessy as he was going well when falling last time and soft ground should be no concern and he could be decently weighted, while Soll could be anything off his feather weight and looks all about staying and soft ground.
Their limbs so decently tucked in, No malice in their form or face: It
And it seems like Sharman has held his ground decently as the initial figures of the film pour in.