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Merseyside has a relatively immature decentralised office market, but, like Manchester, the first and most successful schemes were developed to the south of the city.
The author's findings are: first, financial autonomy at the local level is not satisfactory due to the dependence on grants-in-aid from the state government; and, second, decentralised planning appears to suggest that local governments have done better at implementation than at plan formulation.
Approach: The project supplies some 3,000 people with antiretroviral (ARV) drugs through the decentralised health services.
Besides supplying drugs, support is provided to the decentralised health services to help them improve their performance in distribution and therapy monitoring.
2- Strengthen public opinion and perception of media leaders on the need to give greater prominence and space to decentralisation and decentralised planning as key structural issues for development and effective governance;
3- Facilitate a more informed public discourse on decentralised planning, development and governance