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And other city responsibilities (parks, sanitation, infrastructure, public safety) of particular concern to the remaining middle-income, tax-paying residents could be discharged more effectively and cheaply through a combination of privatization and decentralization.
A centralized accounting system shouldered the burden of increasing decentralization.
It should be noted that the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine supervises the process of implementation of the decentralization reform in the country.
He said that decentralization seeks to increase public participation at the local level, based on clear scientific and administrative foundations, as well as distributing roles and tasks between local administrations and civil society through elected councils.
The decentralization should be a large part of the Ohrid Agreement and not only as a right for Albanians but as a European trend.
The decentralization draft law that was released on April 2, 2014, addresses these issues head on.
He went on stressing that the administrative decentralization was at the core of political reforms mentioned by the national pact.
She explained that the issue of fast-tracking financial decentralization was among the key measures included in the government's program and noted that the Council was expected to have a major contribution to the resumption of the process.
The flywheel has triggered and in 2016 the decentralization reform will speed up.
The fiscal decentralization or the standardization of the Albanian language are not an argument for federalization, when the entire Southeast Europe is democratic.
Ensour said His Majesty the King's aspirations toward decentralization date back more than a decade, as "The King speaks in every Speech From The Throne about the subject of decentralization.
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