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The Difference between Deceptiveness and Deception, and Why It Should Matter to Lawyers, Researchers, and Advertisers.
Having displayed "unleute" (disloyalty) by violating his oath to Bertilak, Gawain reveals that Trojan deceptiveness shadows his otherwise noble intentions.
This deceptiveness could help crayfish bluff or trick an opponent during a fight, says study coauthor Robbie Wilson, a biologist at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.
The concept of sight's deceptiveness, emphasized throughout the Book of Optics, was reinforced by the Muslim belief that as created beings, humans could not themselves become creators.
The argumentative nature of definitions and, in particular, of what Stevenson called "persuasive definitions" (see, Walton, 2005) in ethical and political discourse, and the possible sources of their deceptiveness have been emphasized, in informal logic, rhetoric, and argumentation theory, by Aberdein (1998), Walton (2001, 2005), Macagno&Walton (2008, 2010), Schiappa (2003), and others.
In a more recent study investigating Chinese parents' attitude toward advertising, Chan and McNeal (2003) discovered that most of the respondents were frustrated with the exaggeration and deceptiveness in advertising and wanted ad claims to be substantiated.
One issue before the court is the deceptiveness of advertising HFCS by referring to it as "corn sugar" even though the FDA has long approved that name for a distinct product with no fructose in it.
Of the three sections, the first provides a slow and atmospheric start with a sequence of landscapes addressing the fundamental ambiguity and deceptiveness of representation and its objects.
I say deceptiveNESS because Ivan would consistently point out that the FTC does not regulate deception, it regulates the likelihood of deception, which he termed "deceptiveness.
Deceptiveness is a particularly important influence strategy when considering power differences because power is not always salient in every interaction.
Smith, The Inherent Deceptiveness of Constitutional Discourse: A Diagnosis and Prescription, in INTEGRITY AND CONSCIENCE 218, 218-21 (Ian Shapiro & Robert Adams eds.
Definition of Deceptiveness in Advertising and Other Commercial Speech,