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DECIMATION. The punishment of every tenth soldier by lot, was, among the Romans, called decimation.

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He emphasized on healthy features of sports and decimation of anti social activities.
A special PDM bitstream mode permits analysis of the entire spectrum prior to decimation stages.
How could anyone preside over the decimation of public sector budgets, with all that means for council staff and their families, and not feel a huge amount of sympathy for the human tragedy that is beginning to unfold?
Despite their initial terror when European ships arrived in Sydney Harbor (and their decimation by diseases brought by the newcomers), coastal Aboriginal people came to have an important role in Australia's early seafaring history.
EUROPEAN Union (EU) honey production will receive receive Euro EUR32 million annually for the next three years from the European Commission, to help fight the decimation of bee populations by disease.
Our public services are in severe threat of decimation if not radically restructured.
As Murdo is old enough to remember the decimation and chaos the Tories brought to Scotland, and the UK as a whole, when they were last in power, I would suggest he is in need of a review of his medication.
Encountering painted rock carvings, the legacy of Genghis Khan, buried Tibetan manuscripts and the ruins of a once flourishing intellectual center of learning, this lecture looks at the devastating consequences of an authoritarian regime's policy of cultural heritage decimation in the 1930s and the determination of 21st-century Mongolia to protect its past.
Can I just remind people: Both sides have administered the decimation of our manufacturing industry over the last 30 years.
Adam Federman's story on the decimation of North American bumblebees ("Plight of the Bumblebee," Autumn 2009) made me wonder one thing.
NEW YORK * Four hundred years after their spiritual ancestors took part in the decimation and dislocation of Native Americans, one of the nation's first Protestant churches held a "healing ceremony" to apologize.
But the findings must be taken in context with Uganda's history of civil wars and the decimation of its institutions of higher learning, including high schools - in addition to the crippling real cost of high school education.