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If Kiefer's monumental installations were an effective prescription for those viewers yearning for dramatic and grandiose spectacles paired with readily decipherable symbols amid the return to figuration of the 1980s, Seo Hae-geun's F-15K (all works 2011)--a multirole combat aircraft also known as the Slam Eagles, made of paper and glue and a little wire--is the perfect anti-monument for and by the current generation, for whom historical gravity and a sense of tragedy and death are remote and simulacral phenomena experienced only through media.
Handwriting ease may go back to school days where a well-prepared student excels in writing essays and poems, note-taking and presentation of decipherable math problems.
But according to the defence, the only words decipherable from the passages in question were, "I don't know what's gone on but whether .
The times of taxing handwriting skills with decipherable digits can be filed away.
Most of the ribbon remains; parts of the seal are still decipherable, but other parts have worn off.
Registering what appears to be the aftermath of a violent crisis, two paintings in particular clinch this feeling--Battlefield, wherein a barely decipherable body is lying beside a trench, and Courtroom, which depicts a small room with simple benches, a space as bare-bones as it is abandoned.
Very few legitimate companies advertise via unsolicited email, and none of them advertise in emails that are difficult to read, contain odd characters, or are hardly decipherable.
It marks the vehicle with a totally unique "code" by means of a solution that is invisible to the eye but decipherable by police forensic experts - who can trace the owner via their database.
The draw for today's Vodafone Stewards' Cup has been researched, analysed, discussed and even made into a public spectacle, but is not yet decipherable.
Lowe is a graphologist, a member of a controversial field that treats handwriting as a decipherable reflection of the writer's mind and personality.
Or rather nine mostly toothless, tattooed, Jeremy Kyle-show rejects, staggering behind two flags of St George hurling barely decipherable abuse before responding to a speaker's dismissal of them as pitiful specimens, with master heckles like: "*** off ya faggot", and, "how the *** can you be racist against a religion ya s***head.