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The deciphered scroll also reveals that the leader who wrote the coded information left out some other special days and another writer went back and corrected the work on the calendar, adding in dates in the margins.
The code he deciphered enabled him to activate a top secret surveillance device and get Big Brother to ask one housemate three questions of his choice.
2) In ``Mercury Rising,'' Willis is a federal agent protecting an autistic boy (Miko Hughes) who has deciphered some volatile classified information.
Eventually, it reaches a point where it has deciphered the text.
I must have deciphered a hidden glamour in its laconic gravity; I must have appreciated the fork and spoon, dangling; I must have loved the way these dining utensils topped or supplemented the two-part canvas (mysteriously hinged in the center), reminding me that life was material plain, oral.
Also included is a deciphered platform roadmap for Intel's computing processor product lines.
This week, biologists announced that they have deciphered the full DNA sequence of the standard lab rat, setting the stage for a new flurry of biomedical research on this rodent and providing insight into mammalian evolution.
Through extensive interviews with the chief researchers, NOVA shows exactly how the billions of letters of genetic code were deciphered.
The M3(TM) System uses the most sophisticated OCR technology available, however, some mail will never be deciphered by an OCR due to incomplete or incorrect address information.
Flenley and Bahn also introduce the birdman cult found in the island's art and explore the recently deciphered Rongorongo script found on wooden boards there.
These products are expected to ship within 90 days and will connect to the CLEC's order management system, such as Metasolv's TBS(TM), to supply it with critical data deciphered from the CSR that can then be converted into an order and automatically communicated to the ILEC through the DSET LSR gateway.
Researchers led by Federico Fahsen of Vanderbilt University in Nashville excavated the area and deciphered inscriptions blanketing 10 newly uncovered steps.