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This crowd is not to be understood as an object which the flaneur and the reader of a physiological sketch need in order to reassure themselves of their diabolical superiority as decipherers.
25) Nizan's text places the reader in the position of a decipherer, not a consumer, of myths, because the reader perceives the gaze of Nizan on the myth which the Rosenthal family (a particular example of a general phenomenon) have created for themselves.
Smith, a retiring editor who "knows as much about the domestic lives of the Carlyles as anyone now living" and is further an incomparable decipherer of their handwriting (Letters 25: vii).
Hunter was present when Ventris asked his question and was convinced that this was the moment when the future decipherer first became interested in Linear B.
All the while, Cervantes has lured readers into his fictional world, engaged and entertained them as active decipherers of the linked, multiple temporalities evoked in just one short passage, and, at the same time, has demonstrated for his audience what cognitive scientists Mark Turner and Gilles Fauconnier refer to as conceptual blending.
For would-be decipherers, it posed the most daunting challenge of all: an unknown language written in an unknown script.
In most cases, Alawi's arrest and detention would comprise the totality of the immediate story as patrols and commands lacking proper cultural awareness or expertise have to rely on the aptitude and honesty of their interpreters who end up serving simultaneously as linguistic and local cultural decipherers.
Jung was one of the best decipherers of this phenomenon, but another articulation is given in a text by Isaac Bashevis Singer: "The Jewish experience in the Second World War was not an historical experience.
Speaking at the same Paris exhibition which Adams attended, Henri Poincare said that "Physicists were not decipherers of nature's laws, but librarians and cataloguers of experience.
The push and pull of competing legislative interests demand that future decipherers of the resulting code look at the driving forces behind it.
Nico, which is wholly owned by NEC, has sold the Defense Agency decipherers and other equipment, and out of its 3.