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In most cases, Alawi's arrest and detention would comprise the totality of the immediate story as patrols and commands lacking proper cultural awareness or expertise have to rely on the aptitude and honesty of their interpreters who end up serving simultaneously as linguistic and local cultural decipherers.
Jung was one of the best decipherers of this phenomenon, but another articulation is given in a text by Isaac Bashevis Singer: "The Jewish experience in the Second World War was not an historical experience.
Speaking at the same Paris exhibition which Adams attended, Henri Poincare said that "Physicists were not decipherers of nature's laws, but librarians and cataloguers of experience.
The push and pull of competing legislative interests demand that future decipherers of the resulting code look at the driving forces behind it.
Nico, which is wholly owned by NEC, has sold the Defense Agency decipherers and other equipment, and out of its 3.
He will always appeal to cultists and decipherers seduced by the allure of a master cryptographer; in this sense, he resembles George Chapman or William Blake.
But Meadow and Kenoyer favour giving more attention, by detailed study of the objects, to the probable evolution of the signs over the perhaps seven hundred years of the script's use, rather than simply lumping all of the best-preserved inscriptions together and using them to work out a putative unchanging sign system, as has been the practice among the dozens of would-be decipherers from the 1920s to date.