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As difficult to decipher as a hieroglyphic inscription to the clerks, the vocation of the secretary and his usefulness were as plain as the rule of three to the self-interested.
That was the train of events as far as I can decipher them.
I could not quite decipher the expression of her face; but I was satisfied there was no jealousy therein.
At first I had neglected them, but now that I was able to decipher the characters in which they were written, I began to study them with diligence.
Moreover, the developers insist that their system could not replace human deciphers, but at least assist them.
com, one piece of which appears each time a contestant deciphers a clue.
has developed the world's first and only Stoichiometer(TM) explosive detection technology that remotely deciphers the chemical formulas of concealed substances thorough steel, including explosives, biological weapons, and illegal drugs through barriers quickly and efficiently.