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The 93cm 'Wide Boy', which is double the width of a normal deck-chair, is designed for amorous couples for whom 'two chairs are just too far apart'.
Meg (Angela Paton), the dizzy busybody landlady, has a special, mutually abusive relationship with her tenant, while Meg's husband, Petey (Robert Symonds), a beach deck-chair attendant, prefers to leave well enough alone.
Most of the afternoon, Musselwhite could have rested in a deck-chair.
And the second water seeped on board, he slipped on a life-jacket, jumped into the last small boat and kicked Hoddle back on to a deck-chair.
The price of 10 swimming lessons for adults is likely to go up from pounds 34 to pounds 40, sports hall hire from pounds 25 to pounds 28 an hour and deck-chair hire from pounds 1.
Weather permitting, people are invited to get their deck-chair early on the new bmibeach to watch the cultural event.