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Indeed he is uncharacteristically acerbic in characterizing his well-heeled media antagonists on the far left who declaim against both the stultifying effects of traditional nationalism and the corrosive effects of globalization; they are, in his memorable phrase, "designer Stalinists.
Richard Dormer's play allows the magnificent Masterson (under the direction of David Calvitto) to declaim soliloquies, talk about the play and also enact the life of a failed actor desperately hoping to say goodbye to alcohol and hello to stardom.
The Morning after Woe-- 'Tis frequently the Way-- Surpasses all that rose before-- For utter Jubilee-- As Nature did not care-- And piled her Blossoms on-- And further to parade a Joy Her Victim stared upon-- The Birds declaim their Tunes-- Pronouncing every word Like Hammers--Did they know they fell Like Litanies of Lead-- On here and there--a creature-- They'd modify the Glee To fit some Crucifixal Clef-- Some Key of Calvary--
Prepared recordings in the plum my Aunt Sally tones of an elocution teacher turned wannabe hypnotist, now declaim on-board safety and destination details -- prior to every stop.
THE current Mrs Groves lowered her copy of Welding Weakly long enough to dip her kipper in the gentleman's relish, and I guessed she was about to declaim on a matter of great import.
Horovitz's characters have a tendency to declaim as much as they converse; too often they feel like message bearers.
Actors with the ``rhythm'' and ``musicality'' of Americans - as Hall recently expressed his yearnings in print - who also can declaim Elizabethan meter as trippingly on the tongue as Lord Larry or Dame Judi.
Leonard, is a former teacher (which allows him to declaim fragments of poetry from time to time) and he is a wimp.
It was also April 15, the deadline day for most Americans to file their annual tax returns - and an opportune moment for Republicans to declaim their disaffection for taxes and the Internal Revenue Service.
Price left his job and went on to declaim the lunch menu for the state's largest school district on the Charlotte Observer's information line.
An ancient Chinese curse declaims 'May you live in interesting times.
He discusses the problems of "monitoring the supply chain," declaims on McDonald's "holistic approach," and often refers to his area of expertise as "waste management" It's easy to imagine how this kind of talk would make "speaking the same language" a near-literal as well as figurative problem in pow-wows with greens.