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The choir whooped, shrieked and declaimed as though enjoying their part in the proceedings," he sniffed.
Some days, you just Kent get justice," the defense attorney declaimed.
This companion volume to Human Rights and Religion provides a critical overview of the relationship between writing and political dissent from early Greek democracy to modern forms of liberal democracy based on the human rights declaimed in the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Is he the braggadocious movie star who declaimed loudly in 2003 that he's so rich he'd never need campaign donations, or is he the unctuous politician who sets records for taking contributions?
One letter writer declaimed in the Star the next day:
Initially called "le Puy de Palinods de Rouen," the puy refers to the podium on which the poets declaimed their verse, and the palinod (Greek, palin) to the final verse of every stanza that is repeated in the chant royal.
What are here called dramas are more like lengthy stage monologues, frequently declaimed by way of parody and--beyond the grave--by martyrs rather than stage actors engaged in dialogue.
WATCHING THE AMERICAN IMPERIAL MAP MOVE IN recent months from policy-wonk insinuation to boldly declaimed official policy, many folks may themselves wondering how the U.
Slanted questions are "particularly egregious," Zogby declaimed in a debate at the Cato Institute earlier this year.
A man's vivid T-shirt declaimed "Remember nine-eleven.
Even as the day's speakers railed against the sin of sodomy and declaimed how it could be eradicated--er, "cured"--through Christian "therapy," Phelps's people were railing against those inside and calling them bad Christians for trying to help homosexuals at all.
In such moments, Harrison sounded just like the sort of old fart who had all those years ago declaimed the Fab Four as a passing fancy.