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The first time I worked with him on television he returned to the green room to hear me declaiming that if I was 20 years younger he'd have to run for his life.
Whatever else he may mean by "proclaim the Lord's death," he is surely declaiming an important facet of the liturgical axiom lex orandi, lex credendi.
Krisztina Szabo made a similarly convincing Musetta, singing rather than declaiming the famous Waltz Song, opposite the suave Marcello of Gabriele Viviani, making his North American debut.
Once it had been a gun emplacement, but now there was no gun, only the shade of Euripides or Aeschylus declaiming as twittering swallows skimmed the green pool filling its center.
Whenever a visitor entered the gallery, five employees slowly spread out across the room by slinking along the walls, and, while facing the wall, began declaiming in English.
This is true even if you sit quietly in a corner and read to yourself, but poetry is meant to be heard, which is why "The Voice of the Poet" is such a welcome series, pairing CDs--each containing about an hour of archival recordings of the author declaiming his work--with slim paperbacks presenting the text along with tidy scholarly essays, by celebrated poet J.
There was something for everyone in the noisy throng: magicians and fortune tellers, poets declaiming their verse, sculptors displaying their works, and, as one ancient writer said, "countless lawyers perverting justice and not a few peddlers peddling whatever came to hand.
Industry leaders are declaiming it a meetings and in interviews; trade publications editorialize about the urgency of the issue.
Before the audience took their seats, Romy Reading threaded through the throng declaiming, "No One Trusts a Single Woman" (also the title of the piece).
A short stop was called to witness the antics of a certain prominent ecclesiastic of rotund appearance and (usually) dignified mien, who came cavorting after them over the prairie like a windmill in a blizzard, declaiming, "That's my horse
It seems that he believes that whispering is more effective than declaiming, suggesting is more convincing than stating, and portraying the ordinary is more enduring than portraying the extreme.