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When that fat cat sitting next to you on the plane declaims against big government, ask him if he doesn't really want the government to make sure that this plane you're in is safe and that the pilots who are flying it and the air traffic controllers who are guiding them know what they're doing.
Rukeyser, an elder of the bull cult, declaims against the bears, whose concerns about an imminent crash that would especially hurt the small investor are "erroneous" and "look sillier week by week.
Noticing a visitor gawking at the display, the gravel-voiced Barr tersely declaims, "It's not our style.
But while Loh is - as the title of her 75-minute monologue declaims - very much ablaze, her ``Mother on Fire'' is more universal, palatable and just plain personal.
Seth can enunciate his rock-god lineage; Kathleen might be channeling Kathleen Hanna, Siouxsie Sioux, or even Meinhof but declaims nothing, even if the entire sequence is called, in an intertitle, "Kathleen's 8-Track Demo.
I won't be able to say `pussy'--one of my favorite words," says Taormino between bites at a Los Angeles sidewalk cafe, where she also declaims loudly on everything from masturbation to female ejaculation.
But verisimilitude is surely an absurd goal in a form in which an Oklahoma cowboy declaims in song about the weather and an aging Yonkers widow enters a restaurant serenaded by the waiters.
Regarding his view of the proper role of government in a democratic society, this advocate of self-reliance states in his first significant antislavery address, "Emancipation of the Negroes in the British West Indies" (1844), that "government exists to defend the weak and the poor and the injured party," and he declaims specifically against the Senators and Representatives from Massachusetts who "sit dumb at their desks and see their constituents captured and sold.
In the third film of the trilogy, The End (teleteatro), 1999 Valentina Cortese declaims the Beatles song "Help