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How long Mr Squeers might have declaimed, or how stormy a discussion his declamation might have led to, nobody knows.
They consisted of an elaborate scenic background set up near the city gate or on the street, with figures from allegorical or traditional history who engaged in some pantomime or declamation, but with very little dramatic dialog, or none.
With no thought of incongruity, too, these writers brought God the Father onto the stage in bodily form, and then, attempting in all sincerity to show him reverence, gilded his face and put into his mouth long speeches of exceedingly tedious declamation.
In most cases, however, the spirit of medieval allegory proved fatal, the genuinely abstract characters are mostly shadowy and unreal, and the speeches of the Virtues are extreme examples of intolerable sanctimonious declamation.
I cut his declamation short by asking what answer Flora de Barral had given to his question.
Graham,' said I, suddenly stopping short, checked in my passionate declamation by unutterable feelings to behold her actually smiling at the picture of the ruin she had wrought.
His mouth was now as effectually stopt, as that of quack must be, if, in the midst of a declamation on the great virtues of his pills and powders, the corpse of one of his martyrs should be brought forth, and deposited before the stage, as a testimony of his skill.
The day will dawn with special prayers for the martyrs of Kashmir, victory of the freedom struggle and expression of solidarity with the Kashmiri people, followed by mass rallies, symposia, walksforpeace, conventions, meetings and speech declamations.
Outre les declamations et choregraphies, les costumes et couleurs ont captive le public.
Declamationes Sullanae; part two: Introductory material, declamations III, IV, and V.
Not hard to hear why - the attack and soaring speed-driven declamations on this taster from their second album suggest a band whose time has come.
Malin reveals that Wolf's prized declamations of poetry are in fact highly structured, with regular periodicities serving to accentuate the variability of the declamation.