declaration of war

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DECLARATION OF WAR. An act of the national legislature, in which a state of war is declared to exist between the United States and some other nation.
     2. This power is vested in congress by the constitution, art. 1, s. 8. There is no form or ceremony necessary, except the passage of the act. A manifesto, stating the causes of the war, is usually published, but war exists as soon as the act takes effect. It was formerly usual to precede hostilities by a public declaration communicated to the enemy, and to send a herald to demand satisfaction. Potter, Antiquities of Greece, b. 3, c. 7; Dig. 49, 15, 24. But that is not the practice of modern times. In some countries, as England, the, power of declaring war is vested in the king, but he has no power to raise men or money to carry it on, which renders the right almost nugatory.
     4. The public proclamation of the government of a state, by which it declares itself to be at war with a foreign power, which is named, and which forbids all and every one to aid or assist the common enemy, is also called a declaration of war.

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The responses given by the two men, especially what Panetta offered, indicated their willingness to ignore completely the Constitution's requirement for a congressional declaration of war before sending U.
He said that setting fire to the mosque is a declaration of war by the settlers against Palestinians.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)- A number of Syrian politicians and opposition figures criticized the Arab League decision on suspending Syria's membership in the League , considering it as a start to internationalize the crisis and a declaration of war on Syria.
The declaration of war on Iran will not be a passing matter in the Lebanese interior where it will not be easy to isolate the Iranian influence as it has been isolated in Bahrain, Kuwait, and Yemen and was contained in Iraq and Palestine," Noureddin said.
The opposition said that any foreign intervention in Bahrain is a declaration of war and a "blatant occupation".
However, he forgot to mention the genocide committed in the Lebanon and the genocide still going on in Palestine, plus, of course, the genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq, particularly the latter, which was invaded by Anglo-American forces without a declaration of war, the most blatant war crime in the 21st century.
Those seven Yankee bases there are a declaration of war against the Bolivarian revolution and that's how we see it.

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