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The contract involves the qualification, support and integration of declarative modules whose management or coordination is entrusted to GIP-MDS.
The NAS Project also shows, that the data gathered solely by explicit declarative methods provide clear insights only in 50% of cases.
Under this theory, declarative memory, which stores knowledge and facts, would be more useful for learning vocabulary and certain rules of grammar.
In typological studies of the domain (Moravcsik 1971; Ultan 1978; Sadock, Zwicky 1985; Siemund 2001; Dryer 2005a; Konig, Siemund 2007), the following types of interrogative marking have been identified: intonation, interrogative particles, verbal inflection, disjunction (A-not-A), order of constituents and absence of declarative morphemes.
In most meetings, there are lots of declarative remarks," he said.
In Early Modern English, from about 1500 onwards, the periphrastic do-construction developed in all types of sentences, including affirmative declarative sentences.
BOSTON -- Sleep strengthens declarative memory, a finding that could one day be exploited to combat cognitive declines associated with dementia and neurologic disorders, Dr.
De la Mota concludes that imperatives without contrastive focus have a tonal alignment pattern similar to neutral declarative pitch accents with respect to pitch-peak displacement (1995: 248).
Focus on your specific audience and be decisive, declarative, and definite in what you stand for.
Finally, the book explores specific content areas, focusing on those areas where there is a significant body of knowledge on the neural underpinnings of cognitive development, including: declarative and non-declarative memory and learning; spatial cognition; object recognition; social cognition; speech and language development; and attention development.
The case for the Dodgers to be the fourth wild card in fiveyears to win a World Series -- or at least get their first series win or pennant since '88 -- begins with a simple, declarative, ``Why not them?
Its nine original songs declare the state of the nation in urgent declarative sentences ("America needs a leader") sung to folkish melodies over Young's patented wash of distorted electric guitar and lumbering bass-and-drums thud.

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