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may be necessary for them to be able to express declaratively, what they
The 1965 Constitution legitimizes a regime that is based, declaratively, on the power of the people, a hypothesis that makes irrelevant the reference to separation of state powers or guarantee of individual freedoms.
Consequently, we may notice that while he would declaratively support cooperation between the two countries on pragmatic grounds, any more or less significant event would prompt de Gaulle's immediate backlash, who thus had the perfect opportunity of opposing France's natural antagonist (2).
Macedonia is only declaratively turned to-ward the European Union while it is still looking toward the East and Russia, experts and BDI representatives assess, following the interview of Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska with Russian news agency ITAR-TASS that "Macedonia wants to enhance relations with Russia".
Here the size and shape of each upright are declaratively different, yet the work is fencelike even so.
Rare is the one who would contest the notion that the Crusade Wars (XI-XIII) were led, at least declaratively, in the name of the liberation of Jerusalem and Jesus' grave, from the unbelievers.
Although declaratively Crvenkovski is unambiguously supporting and encouraging his political rival in the negotiations with Greece, he announced his scenario: criticisms for the failed politics on the name backed with social unrests and inter-ethnic tensions.
Partners can also leverage Oracle Identity Management 11g to declaratively build security into applications and automate the integration and deployment of applications into security infrastructures.
These two press down to make the second shelf a "little lower" but the "twin weights" seem to cancel each other out in their fundamental, rather than contingent value: unlike the other books of fiction and history on the shelf, these are texts that claim to interpret themselves, reference texts that declaratively form a background for understanding the world (118).
Politecnica de Madrid) presents a new model for building and maintaining ontology translation systems that uses layered architecture (lexical, syntax, semantic and pragmatic), and proposes representing ontology translation decisions declaratively in the language ODEDialect (made up of ODELex, ODESyntax, and ODESem) while focusing on semantic and pragmatic preservation.
It's an unforgettable, seemingly unfathomable picture, luminous as a stained glass window despite its declaratively matte surface, all sturdy bodies and bronze skin glowing against mysterious blue depths of strange vegetation.
In fact, at any time during construction, the interface allows direct manipulation of the specification, including modifying the specification declaratively and redrawing the figure conforming to the modified specification.