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Nonetheless, and despite that most of the teachers support the latter declaratively, there are only a few teachers that use playful elements for learning in their educational design (Aizencang, 2005).
The indigenous population has sought to use the art market declaratively, as a means of self-expression, self-determination and self-identification.
Mass media from our country signaled many times that generally, athlets are motivated by external factors, like material aspect, even if declaratively talking they consider that the obligativity of physical activities hours will respond with the wish of the students, as an internal motivation.
However, the requirement to apply a process approach has been carried out only declaratively by many enterprises.
It's not just that I know declaratively that I am perceived by others as an agent with particular properties; it's that that third-person view of myself is baked into my self-model as part of a mixed first- and third-person chimera.
Eliot is not declaratively political, but his poetry and poetics during the 1920s turn into some of the least apologetic, most virulently anti-Semitic images in all of the Western tradition.
In a final capitulation to patriarchal law, the game ends with Heather declaratively adopting the name her father gave her.
He said the ministers also looked into other significant subjects which come in line with the initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz to move from the stage of cooperation to unity where the ministers discussed the possibility of approving indicative bills declaratively.
list of declaratively recognized risks disclosed therein.
To encounter one of the many canvases declaratively grounded in the Western tradition--Las Mayas, for example, or Winter Hunt, both of which, looking back at Goya and Bruegel, were produced in 1958--the sense is of a compositional taking apart.