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He said that jurisdiction over declaratory relief "is vested in the regional trial court" and the SC's jurisdiction "is limited to appellate review of Declaratory Relief judgments rendered by the trial courts.
Its jurisdiction is limited to appellate review of declaratory relief judgments rendered by the trial courts,' the SC declared.
Box 1688, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72702-1688, have filed a Petition lor Declaratory Judgment to Declare Manufactured Home Abandoned and for Issuance of a New Certificate of Title herein against you alleging that a manulactured home that you previously resided in and owned and have since abandoned remains abandoned on the premises owned by the petition, and seeks to have the Court declare and order the Arkansas Department ot Finance and Administration to issue a new Certificate of Title to the manulactured home created in the name ol the petilioners.
15) In other words, Skelly continues to exclude from federal court declaratory actions in which the plaintiff has a claim for coercive relief that would fail the well-pleaded complaint rule, even if a federal issue were certain to present itself later in the case.
The Comptroller rarely exercises its discretion to issue declaratory rulings.
The injunction has--and the declaratory judgment lacks--a number of features that allow a court to effectively manage the parties.
Declaratory legislation is enacted either in response to a court judgment, where the legislature seeks to change the judicial interpretation of statutory law, or in anticipation of the judicial consideration of potentially ambiguous legislation.
the most recent case from the Supreme Court addressing declaratory judgment justiciability, instructs courts considering declaratory cases (including patent ones) to embrace the flexibility of Article III justiciability by simply asking whether a declaratory plaintiff has a sufficiently real and immediate legal dispute with the declaratory defendant.
The Surface Transportation Board has discretionary authority to issue a declaratory order to eliminate a controversy or remove uncertainty in a matter related to the board's jurisdiction.
The action was seeking a declaratory judgment that 22 of Digimarc's patents are invalid or that Verance's products do not infringe Digimarc's patents.
In January 2005, while the Modesto Action was progressing, Transport Insurance Company, one of Vulcan's insurance carriers, brought a declaratory judgment action against Vulcan, in California state court (the California Action), claiming that it had no duty to defend or indemnify Vulcan in the Modesto Action.