declare openly

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Turkey has to maintain the peace process and declare openly that all Kurds living in the region are brothers and sisters, that any attack on them shall be deemed to be made on Turkey as well.
Panormita quotes from Apuleius (Apologia 11),(27) who says (in discussing the homoerotic poetry of Plato) that to dissemble and conceal is the mark of "sinners" (peccantes), while to proclaim and declare openly is the sign of those who are merely jesting (ludentes, recalling the lusus et ioci which are the earmarks of light, sophisticated poetry).
Now that is heresy - like saying John Lennon couldn't write songs - and political suicide for any politician to declare openly.
The author may declare openly that he or she are identical with the protagonist or may give the principal character a different name or no name.
Westwood was happy to declare openly that he was playing ''the best golf of my life'' entering the week and immediately saw Medinah as a course that suited his long, powerful game.
Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith has pledged his personal support for frontbencher Alan Duncan after the foreign affairs spokesman became the first sitting Tory MP to declare openly he is gay.
Gezi supporters witnessed firsthand what it meant to declare openly that they were not in favor of the AKP.
Adawiya afterthoughts of a young Muslim Brother A courageous young man from Rab al-Adawiya has to come forward and declare openly, "We don't need salutes to the martyrs or acclaim for a couple ascending to paradise.
Some of these fighters declare openly that they are willing to sell their guns to any customer.
1561-1633, is most welcome, for it gives me leave to declare openly what I have thought for a long time now: she is one of our very best scholars writing on Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
The term confessor comes from the Latin verb confiteri, "to declare openly," and was the title given to those who led exemplary Christian lives but did not get the chance to die for their faith (martyrs).
Once there, they intend to declare openly and explicitly that they are coming to visit the West Bank at the invitation of various Palestinian civil society organizations as well as of the Mayor of Bethlehem, Dr.