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Notwithstanding our reticence to declare war formally, the international community has adopted protocols and conditions that justify the use of armed force by one nation against another.
He denied presence of any Sudanese rebel groups within his country's territory, considering Khartoum's accusations nothing but a pretext to declare war against a sovereign state.
Paul admitted that the president does need the consent of Congress to declare war, but did say, "If battleships are off our shore, an imminent attack, the president has an obligation to respond.
Notably, some AntiFederalists, although generally critical of the scope of the President's powers under the Constitution, advanced the opposite criticism of the Declare War Clause, faulting it for concentrating power in Congress.
The Senate's published precedents do not suggest that a measure proposing to declare war or authorize the use of force, if considered outside the framework of the War Powers Resolution, would be immune from the potentially laborious process to which other bills and joint resolutions are subject (except those that benefit from special expedited procedures under rule-making statutes).
It is not possible for us to declare war against Israel for this reason, neither it is a right move," Arinc told the state-run TRT channel.
president has that authority Under the Constitution, only Congress can declare war, a fact Palin appeared unaware of.
BEIRUT: Senior Shiite cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah on Sunday urged all Arab Muslim and non-Muslim parties to fight against Israel, saying that when the enemy launched a war against Palestine and the Arab world, "it was only legal to declare war back.
Congress in Article I, Section 8 expressly claims the power to declare war.
When Spain declared war on the United States in 1898, the Americans responded by declaring war on Spain - but backdated the declaration by three days so that they seemed to declare war first.
In respect to "The Last Word," February 19, you correctly state that Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution "gives Congress the powers to declare war.
In only five of these cases did Congress declare war.