declare war

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Part I of this Comment examines the state ratification debates and contemporaneous public statements by Anti-Federalists in order to demonstrate the pervasive nature of the Anti-Federalist objection to the vesting of the power to declare war in Congress.
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Instead, the Constitution merely gives Congress the power to declare war and the President the power to act as Commander-in-Chief, all without any description of process.
He has usurped Congress's sole power to declare war, and he is not seeing that "the laws are faithfully executed.
For starters, I would like to see him declare war on the root causes of terrorism.
And, if it was our building and our people, we would have no choice but to declare war no matter how comically that might be received by our enemies and our friends alike.
Where's the balance in an administration that invokes presidential authority to declare war but won't use its authority to enforce trade laws designed to protect American workers and communities - especially with China, which already accounts for a quarter of the trade deficit?
Next week, he offers an important rule of diplomacy: ``You don't declare war while everyone's away on holiday.
To declare war on terrorism would seem to me to have the wrong target.
But when he called on Arab countries to declare war on British men and women in our armed forces, he was speaking only for himself.
Bush did not declare war on Al Qaeda or the Taliban; he declared war on terrorism, which will be with us in one form or another for the foreseeable future.