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Dorothy and Daniel are two good names, and I see no object in hunting for others," declared the Yellow Hen.
They followed the Yellow Hen into the house, which Aunt Em declared was neat as a pin.
No; that would be foolish, for the enemy would run after me," declared the Lion.
He is the man with the new post," Sir Alfred declared hoarsely.
I have no fancy," he declared, "for the cemeteries of affection.
Absolute indifference," he declared promptly, "unless--"
Then Emily will never attract him," she declared almost triumphantly, "for she has no more heart that he has.
He's off, right enough," Hamel declared, as the car glided away.
Awfully good of you, sir," the young man declared, "and I am sure we are very sorry to trouble you.
Come, you are judging me very quickly," he declared.
Sabin declared, "will add still further to my happiness.
He has declared that the box did actually contain the diamond, called the Moonstone; and he has admitted having given the box (thus sealed up) to Mr.