declared intention

References in classic literature ?
He continued to pay his court--if the delicate and tender attention with which he ceaselessly surrounded this woman of five-and-thirty could be called courtship--in face of her declared intention never to marry.
the Quartet declared intention to resume the peace negotiations, he said.
Almost all world countries declared intention to recognize the Republic of South Sudan as an independent and sovereign country.
Its declared intention to take over the Barking and Dagenham council proved a total failure, with all 12 of the seats it held being won by Labour.
5 to fulfil their declared intention at the start of the season that they would win the league.
WITH a declared intention of pitching ever higher in the small car stakes, Suzuki has an all new version of the Alto.
I hope very much that the declared intention to close the TIC will be reconsidered.
No surprise perhaps, despite a declared intention by many readers, via letters and emails, to say they were determined to buck the trend, and gain recognition for some of the city's other musicians.
Western and Arab governments should quickly act on their declared intention to provide aid and training to Lebanon's government and armed forces.
This would represent a tremendous act of good faith by Government in confirming its declared intention to deliver both a fairer and more equitable tax system for UK transport operators.
On arrival we were told of the declared intention to make the course an elite jumps venue.
What probably ignited all of this was the National Human Rights Commission's declared intention to make public its reports on the dirty war in the 1970s and 1980s.