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A few pages later we hear from Jeanne Calment, the Guinness Book of World Records holder for longest life lived, at 122 years--then Robert Louis Stevenson is called on, Stephanie Meyer, the Catholic mass, lessons from Latin declension, the sixteenth-century French father of the essay Michel de Montaigne, and more.
In recent years, historians have reinterpreted the pasts of the Comanche, Iroquois, and other indigenous groups to challenge simplistic and misleading narratives of Euro-American colonial dominance and Native declension.
In Cours de linguistique generale, Saussure examines the declension of the Czech nouns slovo 'word' and zena 'woman', and pointing out the absence of an overt desinence in the genitive plural: slov and zen, he famously states: "On voit donc qu'un signe materiel n'est pas necessaire pour exprimer une idee; la langue peut se contenter de l'opposition de quelque chose avec rien" (Saussure 1964: 123-124).
Perhaps McCallum's greatest success rests in her avoidance of the pervasive declension narrative in which Native peoples move deeper into the recesses of metropolitan space and capitalist labour networks while concurrently moving further away from Indigeneity.
There is nothing on this occasion to suggest that there is any declension in the fortunes of an empire that still holds in her grasp the Jewels of the Indies.
Climate change ethnography is an emerging genre in environmental anthropology, which is basically a declension narrative, as the historians say, a narrative that privileges moral decay, loss of community amid the deterioration of meaningful space that once existed during some sort of a prelapsarian past.
One poem in this collection, "Crystal Declension," is heavily indebted in terms of exact language and imagery to James Wright's "The Journey.
the first declension is introduced after adjectives which include it) and begin with forms which are more complicated (e.
Therefore, they employ a synchronic approach, based predominantly on inflectional endings, thus recognizing as-declension, a-declension, an-declension, and minor declensions (2011: 69-145).
Foote's images of large-scale building projects (dams, generators, and machines) highlight an emerging "modernist aesthetic" that is entirely out of place in Winnipeg's declension narratives (p.
If Marten likes to play with her food till it morphs into alarming states of matter and meaning, it sometimes seems that the ultimate abjection (or perhaps refinement) of her mutant materials is a declension toward verbal abstraction.
In Destabilizing the Hollywood Musical, Kelly Kessler does not argue that post-1950s musicals like Paint Your Wagon (1969) are on a par with Singin' in the Rain (1952), but she does explicitly reject the declension theory, takes seriously those film musicals produced between 1966 and 1983, and works through why post-1950s musicals differed from their predecessors.