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While PHD2 doesn't need the autoguider camera aligned with right ascension and declination axes to do its job, it does help you when diagnosing problems after a night of imaging.
2] = annual decrease of heating water leakage, if certain declination of pump proportional pressure control curves is applied (in comparison with constant differential pressure control) in %
What is unclear is whether some insurers have increased their declination rate in order to improve risk pool health and profitability prior to 2014, when insurance companies can no longer reject applications based upon health status or preexisting medical conditions.
The research called out the plans with the highest declination rates.
Based on measurement results in 2009, the declination value on the Latvian territory in 6 repeat stations varies from 4.
41 to implement legislative changes reducing the number of declinations from five to three; eliminating the requirement that the admitted market keep written records of the declinations and eliminating the three-year seasoning requirement for new non-admitted carriers.
Ridpath, 1989: 58) A simple calculation (Fletcher, 2002) to determine the declination of the Sun for each day is given by
We are not providing the declination data furnished by NASA, because the data is not sufficiently reliable.
While navigators use the term variation to avoid confusion with declination (which indeed has astronomical meanings), some groups of geologists use declination to describe the angle between true north and magnetic north.
The statements provide either a disclosure of competing financial interests along with a brief description, a declaration of no competing interests, or a declination to provide such information.
An obvious cue is the Earth's magnetic field, in particular the magnetic declination, or the direction of the horizontal component of the magnetic field.
The gap between magnetic north and true north results in a condition called declination, which is the angle formed between a line pointing to magnetic north and one pointing to true north.