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This hole is being drilled to the NW also at a declination of -50 degrees with a planned depth of 250 metres through the entire known Clark Shear Zone (CSZ).
Need I say that even the copy of the signature of Barry Siegel on the alleged declination letter dated 2003 doesn't look like the copy of the Barry Siegel signature on the witness area dated 2002
The problem for British observers is that lying in Sculptor with a declination of -25[degrees] it never rises far above the horizon, although seen from further south it can be a truly spectacular sight.
WWE has provided two attachments that include WWE Letter of Declination to Chairman Rush and Chairman Rush's Invitation to Vince McMahon to Testify.
Other positions of the unit price schedule (creation of a new section of the site declination in German and English) will purchase order object
In his catalog this was the 202nd star listed in the 69th degree of declination south of the celestial equator.
The high inclination for Cavustepe is supported by Iraqi observations for Babylon and Assur; the very different declination for Cavustepe is not considered significant in view of the steepness of the inclination.
The winter solstice occurs on December 21, when the Sun will be at its lowest declination of the year.
Also, the declination angle is the steepest in the industry-- up to 50-degrees, eliminating hunching, which can cause neck, back and eye strain.
In some of these cases, Fourth Fleet was able to reduce declination rates by more than fifty percent - a result that led to this expanded relationship.
Contract notice: Design services and management of tender documents and promotion of cmn (design creation of graphic, declination, updates, monitoring design / manufacturing).
At opposition, Mars culminated at only 11[degrees] altitude from London, its declination remaining southward of-25[degrees] from mid-May until early October.