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Ning decocted the herbs, but the boy disliked the bitter liquid.
Five packets of these medicinals were prescribed, decocted in water, and orally administered at a rate of one packet per day.
On the basis of results from our previous study, the decocted AS extract was serially diluted with RPMI-1640 (GIBCO) into 6 concentrations: 125.
To manufacture the powdered water extract of yokukansan, approximately 500 kg of cut materials was decocted by purified 60001 hot water.
One packet per day of these medicinals was decocted in water to obtain 200 milliliters of medicinal liquid.
However, clinical application of TCM is putting them in boiling water and decocted by a traditional method, those water-soluble components, especially organic acids are not given higher priority in drug discovery.
The fruits were generally decocted and took orally or powdered and took orally with warm water for the treatment of lumbago due to deficiency of the kidney, neurasthenia, bronchitis, and the leaves were usually powdered and sprinkled on the wound for the treatment of traumatic bleeding.
One packet of these medicinals was decocted two times for approximately 40 minutes each time, thus resulting in 400-500 milliliters of medicinal liquid.
The mixture was decocted by refluxing with water (1:10, w/v) for two times, 2 h for the first time and 1 h for the second time, respectively.
Although it was not stated as such, it is assumed that one packet of these medicinals was decocted in water and administered per day in divided doses.