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DECOCTION, med. jurisp. The operation of boiling certain ingredients in a fluid, for the purpose of extracting the parts soluble at that temperature. Decoction also means the product of this operation.
     2. In a case in which the indictment charged the prisoner with having administered to a woman a decoction of a certain shrub called savin, it appeared that the prisoner had administered an infusion (q.v.) and not a decoction; the prisoner's counsel insisted that he was entitled to an acquittal, on the ground that the medicine was misdescribed, but it was held that infusion and decoction are ejusdem generis, and that the variance was immaterial. 3 Camp. R. 74, 75.

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Infusions and decoctions were prepared according to folk recipes with ratios of half a litre of water to a handful of fresh plant material (or dried equivalent).
The decoction is then divided into 2 glasses and mixed with 2 teaspoonfuls of sugar or mishri (crystalline sugar).
caapi samples and ayahuasca decoctions make generalisations about pharmacokinetics and subjective effects exceedingly difficult, if not impossible.
A decoction made from the bark of a pear tree acts as an analgesic when applied to bruises, sprains and over-used muscles.
The teas were prepared using five different methods: (1) it was left with boiling water for 10 min at room temperature, (2) it was left with boiling water for 3 h at room temperature, (3) an infusion was prepared, (4) a decoction was prepared (methods (3) and (4) following the Soviet Pharmacopoeia [1]), and (5) it was left with boiling water in a Thermos bottle for 12 h.
BathsIT'S not just essential oils that you can add to your bath, you can use infusions and decoctions.
For internal use, these preparations would be strained, although decoctions would be used as a poultice without straining (K.
Probably all those due to follow will be popular decoctions of Otto Erich Deutsch's monumental, three documentary volumes of 1946, 1954 and 1958, topped up with occasional items, often a mere re-dating, that specialist research has authenticated since.
The surviving text edited here comprises 409 recipes, which are divided into chapters according to the following categories: "theriacs" and electuaries, "divine remedies" and purgative electuaries, decoctions, pills, confections, pastilles, stomachics, cataplasms, oils, beverages, enemas, collyria, and linaments.
Against the advise of his fellow witchdoctors, who continued to treat the disease by incantation, ritual dancing and rubbing the victims' bodies with sheep dung, Jiyan spent many years trying different decoctions of herbs, roots and berries on his sick neighbours.
However, at least two other Angelica herbal decoctions recorded as DBT were prescribed in Song (1155 AD) and Qing dynasties (1687 AD).
Actually, the compatibility amongst all the herbs within a decoction is an important principle of Chinese medicinal theory, which ensures the high amounts of active ingredients and full pharmacological properties of TCM decoctions.